Sunday, September 30, 2001

New Books on the Horizon? - Xoanon @ 22:25 PST
From: PT

Bookstores in Australia are receiving the promotional pamphlet detailing what will be on sale and what can be ordered. The release dates were all in November and all listed themselves as US and UK, so I don't know about Aus. You could order all the new books, the film guide and particularly a large book that was "not yet named" that appeared to be the biggest and most interesting of the lot. there was a chart that mapped all Tolkien related books, posters and calendars that was obviously intended to dry up confusion about what was official to the films and what was not. You could also order some tall (unknown length, presume 6ft) posters that were thin. They were of Frodo, Saruman, The Witch King and so on. I was not allowed and did not get the chance to steal/take the book from the store that had it. They showed it to me because I keep asking about "when?". It was all cool!