Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Pillars of Agonath Poster Available - Calisuri @ 11:06 PST
Rejoice! The latest Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring movie poster is now available at the Official New Line Shop.

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This gorgeous poster shows the Fellowship of the Ring as they depart Lothlorien, making their way through the Pillars of Argonath, and about to pass by the statues of Isildur and Anarion. The poster is a full 27 x 41 inches in size, and comes in two versions displayed in theaters nationwide -- standard single sided ($15.95), and double sided ($24.95). The double sided version is used in movie theater lightboxes, and the back side is the same as the front, only reversed. These posters are available in limited quantities, so don`t delay!

You can also buy the both single sided posters for a pretty nice bargain too! And if you are wondering how to frame these things, most 'art' stores will have frames large enough to fit the 27 x 41. They are about $30 dollars. I know I could not find one locally, so I visited dickblick.com, an online art store, and made my own frame. Once again, the materials will cost you about $30. $30 sure beats the $120 I was quoted my my local framing company![BUY]