Tuesday, September 11, 2001

LOTR 2002 Daily Calendar - Calisuri @ 01:36 PST
In a story a few days ago, we alerted you to some 'facts' from the Lord of the RIngs: Fellowship of the Ring Daily 2002 Calendar. (See the story "More Story Confirmations!")

Well, look what I found!

[ Click to buy at Amazon.com ]

While its on backorder at Amazon.com, I was lucky enough to pick up one at my local Barnes and Noble in Santa Clarita, CA. (Right after a weekly Tolkien reading group meeting!) I was blown away by some new images, as well as some great little movie trivia. And of course, all these story spoilers and confirmations. The calendar was only $12 US and is definitely well worth it for simply the movie images.

However, notice how mine looks a little different from the one available at Amazon.com. Don't be tricked! Its the same calendar, just different a different package:

[ Click to view larger image ][ Click to view larger image ]

So either jump on over to Amazon.com and order your's today, or head out to your local bookstore. [BUT IT at Amazon.com]