Saturday, February 23, 2002
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As soon was Fellowship of the Ring was released into theaters around the world on December 19th 2001, movie fans and Tolkien fans alike compiled their lists of the mistakes Peter Jackson made in the filming of his three hour epic. However, these 'mistakes' have been hotly disputed as to whether they are really mistakes, to the extent that the New York Daily News even wrote an article on it. This weekend the Hall of Fire crew discuss the mistakes in The Fellowship of the Ring, and how they can be explained.

One of the most popular 'mistakes' that were discussed after December 19th was Gandalf's staffs. Saruman took Gandalf's staff during their battle in Isengard, and he was staff-less when Gwaihir swept down and rescued him from the top of Orthanc. Yet when Gandalf led the Fellowship into the mines of Moria, he had a staff with him once again which he used as a light in the darkness. However, this was soon shot down as it became clear that Gandalf used two clearly different staffs.

Similarly, fans believed that Gimli's axe magically repaired itself when he used it later in the battle with the Cave Troll after he used it at the Council of Elrond in a failed attempt to break the One Ring. However, the eagle-eyed movie fans noticed that it he took the axe from one of his Dwarven colleagues, and did not use his own. These are just a couple of examples where the 'mistakes' in Fellowship of the Ring have been corrected by the fans. This weekend, we're asking you to explain and correct some more of them.

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