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InQuest Gamer Magazine September Issue Scoop
Tookish @ 2:40 pm EST

InQuest Gamer sent us an inside heads-up on what to expect for the next issue:

There’s all kinds of hobbit-brand fun in the upcoming issues of InQuest Gamer.

While we’ve been closely following the development of the films since their inception in our “Ringwatch” column, we shift into high gear starting with issue #79, on stands Wednesday, September 5th. It begins our countdown to the “Fellowship of the Ring” film with an interview with Gandalf himself, Ian McKellen, where he talks with us about the influences on how he played the wizard and events on the set. Also featured are some of the best—and hardest to find—“Lord of the Rings” games of all time. And Drew Carey as Saruman? Casting choices we’re glad they didn’t make.

In the coming months, look for InQuest to deluge fans with coverage of all the new “Lord of the Rings” games hitting the scene—from Games Workshop’s Miniatures Battle Game to Decipher’s collectible card game and roleplaying game to Fantasy Flight’s Lord of the Ring and Hobbit boardgames to Sierra On-Line’s massively multiplayer online game set in Middle-earth.

Don’t miss an issue. These next few years as the movies roll out are going to be the best of any Ring-lover’s life, and InQuest Gamer will be sure to cover it all.

Thanks Brent!