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The Hobbit board game
DarthCaeser @ 3:16 pm EST

Finwe sent in this info about The Hobbit board game:

"I saw the magazine from where the picture of games workshop new battle system was. It was nice to seen but no new there.

BUT I also saw other LOTR related product !
First as you know there is the expansion to the LOTR board game (Friend and Foes) But there is also a new Board game from the same guy about the Hobbit!!! Apparently every player take it's turn and play bilbo and you have to confront Smaug at the end of the game. (This is definatly not the same game as the Hobbit board game from ICE from a few years back.) I have seen the cover of the box and it look great (Btw this is another fully game not and expension of the first).

Also the most amazing thing of all I say the LOTR lunch box !!!"

If anyone has scans from the magazine, send them in.