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Exclusive Artwork for Decipher's New LOTR Card Game
Quickbeam @ 12:14 pm EST

Greetings – Quickbeam here.

As promised last week, here are two EXCLUSIVE card images from Decipher’s upcoming LOTR trading card game.

These promotional "preview cards" were distributed at the recent Gen Con Game Fair in Milwaukee. Many people tried to get in to this special event, and many more were turned away at the door. Standing room only!

[ Click for Larger View ][ Click for Larger View ]

What you see are two cards that have promotional text, not the exact printed text from the game, but the images and layout will stay the same. There is a Gandalf image featuring our very own Sir Ian McKellen, and a vile Moria Orc, who you probably remember seeing in the first teaser trailer.

Also take note that on the Orc card Decipher has revealed its complete release schedule for different card expansions in tandem with the release of Peter Jackson’s three films.

Like I said before, after staring at Magic cards for years, the artwork and iconography on these cards just blows me away. Really beautiful work.

For a detailed look at the structure of game-play, follow the link and read my experiences with the game during the San Diego Comic Con. This is the closest you can get to the actual game before November…[More]

We hope to bring you more goodies and previews over the next few months.

Much too hasty,