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Knizia and Howe Win Award
Xoanon @ 10:13 am EST

From: Dave Farquhar

I Was pleasantly surprised to see my article for the July edition of Games Magazine had been picked up by your site. I was particularly interested in letting people see the difference between the playtest version, created from clipart, and the final John Howe artwork. When John's work first arrives it is difficult for Reiner to drag me back to the latest project, as I am eagerly taking in all the details.

A couple of announcements related to the LOTR Board Game.

Firstly news of an award (text from the publishers) 'Sophisticated Games would like to congratulate Reiner Knizia and John Howe, the author and illustrator of the Lord of the Rings boardgame, which, in Berlin last night, was awarded the by the Jury of Spiel das Jahr. This is an award to honour the connection between games and literature, and has not been awarded for three years.'

I have attached a photo from the presentation. Reiner Knizia on left, John Howe on right, representative from Kosmos (German game publisher) in centre.

Secondly, an expansion for the game will be released in October. Not sure how much I can say about it at present, so will restrict my description to the fact that it will add more challenges to the Fellowship. Not the least of these will be the appearance of enemies - I have seen John's illustartions for these - wow.