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One Ring to rule them all...
DarthCaeser @ 12:43 am EST

One Deck to find them.
One Path to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.

This interesting announcement was made on Decipher's LOTR Message Board by a fellow named Tim:

"As a reward for all the patience and enthusiasm shown on this Lord of the Rings discussion list, the first information about the game is being posted right here, right now.

Although much debate has centered around whether the Lord of the Rings TCG would be a one-deck or two-deck system, and there are certainly lots of opinions about it... the official word is out.

One deck.

The deck will contain both Fellowship and Shadow elements which have an independent, yet interconnected relationship. Both components impact the game as you travel down an Adventure Path that unfolds before you. Neither you nor your opponents (notice the plural here :-) will be able to predict the exact path you will take as your Fellowship travels towards the ultimate goal of destroying the One Ring.

Yes, the game supports multiple players. The Lord of the Rings TCG has a core design that supports two or more players without fundamental changes in rules, winning condition or deck structure. Not only will you be able to sit and play against your favorite opponent, but you can also add a friend or two... or three... or four....

Look for more information in the coming weeks. Thanks for the patience, the commitment, and the energy. This is just the beginning." [More]