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Xoanon @ 1:29 am EST

Ringer Spy Fing sends along word that while New Line and Sierra have made nice, they're still looking elsewhere to promote LOTR for our PC's and consoles.

Just wanted to let you know that I have an article here from Video Business magazine that is another reference to the Vviendi and Sierra Middle Earth licensing affair. Here's just a few of the lines that are kind of relevant to what we are all interested in.

"A spokesman for New Line Cinema said the Vivendi deal would have "no impact" on the separate videogame licensing of The Lord of the Rings movies... Negotiations are continuing between New Line and Electronic Arts for those game rights."

A few paragraphs later...

"A Sierra spokesman said that any previous games, including the multiplayer online game Middle Earth, have been canceled, and the new deal starts the relationship from scratch."

Video Business, May 7th edition.

Dunno if that is very newsworthy to ya or not but there ya have it!