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More on Sierra and Xbox?
Xoanon @ 8:52 pm EST

Ringer Spy Clay sends word that http://www.wxp3d.com is talking all about Sierra and LOTR. Check out the link above for the press release we showed you yesterday, as well as some coolio new LOTR designs, no idea if they're for anything or just to snazz up the site. Clay also goes on to give us a little insight about the console industry:

In addition, WXP is a known developer for both XBox and PS2. The FoTR is going to be a console game, as you probably know. I'm betting XBox, because, before they announced FoTR they mention XBox on their site and also said they were working on a "top secret" project in the same paragraph.

Hmm, sounds interesting, let's just hope they introduce the new and exciting character 'Xoanon' who turns out to be the hero and saves the princess! and....ok, I'll relax now.