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Games Workshop doing a LOTR Game?
Xoanon @ 11:27 am EST

From: about a million and one Ringer Spies :)

Games Workshop have seemingly secured the rights for producing a game based on LOTR. Details can be found here.

Games Workshop Press Release:

Games Workshop Secures Lord of the Rings Licensing Deal

We are extremely pleased to announce that Games Workshop has signed a worldwide exclusive agreement with New Line Productions Inc, to design a tabletop wargame based on the forthcoming Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

“We are confident that the combination of the Lord of the Rings story, the huge pre-awareness of the films, and Games Workshop’s top flight game and model design skills will produce an outstanding series of tabletop battlegames. The opportunity to work on this game was one we couldn’t ignore, especially as it was Tolkien’s work which, in part, inspired the fantasy wargaming hobby. The game will appeal to our existing customers, Lord of the Rings fans and new players alike.” Michael Sherwin, Chief Financial Officer of Games Workshop.

David Imhoff, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Licensing & Merchandising, of New Line Inc Productions adds: “Games Workshop is the world leader in creating tabletop battle games. With their 25 years of successful experience, they are the clear choice for this project. We believe Games Workshop will be a great fit for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.”

The rules will be written by Rick Priestley, creator of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, and the game, miniatures and other associated hobby products will receive the full attention of Games Workshop's best designers and artists.

The Lord of the Rings film trilogy is based on the J.R.R Tolkien's classic series of fantasy books, which were collectively voted as the 'Book of the Century' last year. The films are currently in production in New Zealand with the first film "The Fellowship of the Ring", slated for December 2001 release. Peter Jackson, whose credits include "Heavenly Creatures" and "The Frighteners", is directing the trilogy. The international cast features Sir Ian McKellen, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee, Liv Tyler, and Elijah Wood.