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Inquest Gamer Spills its Guts...
Xoanon @ 8:19 pm EST

The 'Saint' payed me a visit during prayer last night:

I just picked up the newest issue of Inquest Gamer magazine, and I saw that they printed a letter that I wrote to them. I wrote them awhile back about LOTR card and board games, and they finally printed it. The response to the letter is interesting. It was the first letter printed in the letters section. This is what i wrote: (they gave the letter the subject "Gaming Gandalf")

My letter: "With the release of the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy, do you expect a resurgence in the Middle-Earth CCG (collectible card game), or in the Middle-Earth Role Playing Game? Even though they are both out of print, both enjoy a massive fan following, with the CCG still having a world championship each year. I know that Iron Crown Enterprises-the former publisher of both- lost the license for Middle-Earth stuff, but why hasn't any other company picked it up? The CCG was one of the best. Are you listening Wizards of the Coast?"

Wizards of the coast is the company publisher of Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.

The response to the letter:

"The Middle-Earth RPG and CCG we once knew and loved are gone forever. They'll never be back. Will a new Middle Earth CCG and RPG emerge? probably. But unlike the license for the Pez CCG, the rights to Middle Earth ain't cheap, so only a big company like Wizards of the Coast could afford to get it. Problem is, WOTC already passed on the Middle Earth CCG once and let ICE create the game we know and love. Now, if they decide to go for it to capitalize on the films, you can expect a much simpler, mass market game."

We now know that Decipher Inc. has scored the rights to the movie CCG, but i guess Inquest Gamer didn't know that yet. One main difference between Decipher's up and coming LOTR game and the former one. Dechiper's license is for the MOVIE game, based on the films, using stills and pics from it. The former game was about the BOOKS, meaning that they could make cards and games based on Middle Earth, not just on the LOTR movie. The former card game, from Iron Crown Enterprises, was licensed by Tolkien Enterprises, since the game was based on the books. Decipher's license is granted by the film and licensing company, meaning that they can only make games based on the movies. The previous card game could've done a Silmarillion card set if they had wanted, but Decipher can only use stuff from the films, unless they also get the license from Tolkien Enterprises, which cost big bucks. Hope this helps clear up some of the confusion about the LOTR/Middle-Earth card and role playing games. catch you later.