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LOTR Board Game Confirmed!
Xoanon @ 12:16 pm EST

Rumors of the LOTR Board Game have recently poped up at DragonCon this past week-end. TheOneRing.net can now confirm that there WILL be a LOTR board game designed by Reiner Knizia!

This is a very quick note to confirm the rumour of a new Lord of the Rings board game. Reiner Knizia is the designer, and I have worked as developer with him on the project from the beginning.

I wanted to just make initial contact while I have a moment. A couple of points that I am sure will interest you. Firstly the game sticks very closely to the spirit of the book, secondly the artwork (lots of it) is by John Howe.

The German edition by Kosmos will be released at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, followed by the Essen Game Fair around a week later. English edition early 2001 I think.

The LOTR has been my favourite book since I was in my teens, and the chance to work on the board game version with one of the world's top game designers, with artwork by someone who'se LOTR illustrations I have long admired was a dream come true. And it is a VERY good game. I have a pretty solid knowledge of the board game world, and I believe the design Reiner has come up with is unique.

In essence, the Lord of the Rings Board Game is a co-operative game. You, the players, are hobbits, forming part of the Fellowship. Your role is to destroy the ring at Mount Doom. The 'role' of Sauron is played by the game system. If his influence reaches the Ringbearer before the Ring is destroyed it is all over. The game is tense, tough and great fun. I have played at least sixty times in development and testing, and still find it exciting and stimulating.