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'War of the Ring' Collectors Edition Talk
Xoanon @ 10:10 pm EST

TORN Staffer Ostadan writes: "War of the Ring" is a strategic wargame with unpainted plastic miniature armies, played on a mapboard of Middle-earth (John Howe created the game artwork). It appeared in 2004 (published in the US by Fantasy Flight Games; it originated in Italy), and has been fairly successful for such a complex game, with one expansion set.

According to Boardgamenews.com, Roberto Di Meglio, co-designer of War of the Ring, has opened discussion threads on BoardGameGeek as to what exactly should be included in the Collectors Edition of the game.

The War of the Ring: Collectors Edition was announced in time for inclusion in the BGN Nuremberg Preview, but the Nexus catalog gave no information about the game, apparently because the designers themselves still have plenty of details to work out! Di Meglio does say that the Collectors Edition will include painted figures and a gameboard roughly 20-25% larger than the original. He says that larger cards are another possibility.

The boardgamegeek thread indicates that the game will likely appear sometime in late autumn 2007, and may bear a hefty price tag, perhaps as much as 150-190 Euros, making truly an item for collectors only.

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