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Fantasy Flight Games Talks Tolkien Part I
Xoanon @ 2:02 pm EST

Ostadan writes: Fantasy Flight Games' page of 'rants' has two items of interest to Tolkien fans; both are expansions of existing games.

Lord of the Rings: Battlefields

"In August, Reiner Knizia gives us a new expansion for the classic Lord of the Rings board game. Each of the boards from the main game has a corresponding battlefield, and players maneuver heroes and villains on these battlefields to improve their position in the fully integrated main game. We'll have more information from Reiner on this expansion at the end of this month, so stay tuned!"

Lord of the Rings is a lighter cooperative game that has been around for several years, and has had two expansions. Previously, Dr. Knizia had said that he didn't think this third expansion would ever see the light of day.