3/10/06 - Latest News
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LOTR Online Update
Xoanon @ 3:54 pm EST

Meghan, Online Community Manager for The Lord of the Rings Online writes: Last Friday we announced our partnership with Codemasters as our European publisher and distributor. You can find the press release here.

Yesterday, we posted concept art for Trestlebridge, an area the LOTRO team created specifically for the game. This is the first piece we've shown by concept artist Todd Rueping, who has been working on concepting the environments in the game (if you think Trestlebridge is awesome, you should see Rivendell!). You can find the artwork and a writeup about Trestlebridge here.

This morning, gametrailers.com posted a new LOTRO trailer! This is the first trailer since last year's E3 video (which can be found on gametrailers.com as well) and it contains a peek at those elusive Elves, which so many people have been asking to see! Keep in mind that the Elf is wearing armor from the Race of Men's Bree-land set, since the Elven armor was not ready at the time the video was created.

Now that the Elven cats are out of the bag, we're working to put together an article about Elves on the LOTRO site with a better look at them - and the correct armor. :)