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The Lord Of The Rings Tradeable Miniatures Game-1 Year Later
Xoanon @ 10:22 pm EST

It has been just over a year since The Lord of the Rings Tradeable Miniatures Game from Sabertooth Games brought Tolkienís Middle-earth to the gaming table with the all new Combat Hexģ gaming system. Since the initial release of the 120 figure Base Set (BS) in October 2003 Sabertooth has brought avid gamers and Tolkienists alike such exciting new products as The Fellowship of the Ring (FE) Expansion, 2 Map Packs, and 3 Premium Line (PL) Figures. In addition, they have many new releases planned for Christmas Time 2004 and many more throughout 2005.

This year brought us the FE Expansion with 80 new figures from The Fellowship of the Ring movie along with new and exciting special abilities and strategies. Included here are favorites from the Second Age such as Elendil, Isildur, and the Numenorians. The Map Packs bring new and exciting terrain for the armies of Middle-earth to wage their battles upon. The individual maps can be put together to form much larger maps for even larger battles. The Premium Line figures have brought the likes of the Cave Troll (along with new versions of Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli), Sauron, and Treebeard (with new versions of Merry and Pippin) to the battlefield. These PL figures stand on multiple hexes, as opposed to the single hexes of the current BS and FE figures, and they tower over the populace of Middle-Earth.

As 2004 ends and 2005 begins Sabertooth has planned a whole bunch of new surprises. By yearís end we can expect to see the mighty Balrog hit the gaming table. He stands on 9 hexes and comes with an all new and more powerful version of Gandalf the Grey. We can also expect to see a Dice Tin this year. This dice tin contains 8 special dice for the game: 4 Cave Troll dice, 3 jeweled Eye of Sauron dice, and 1 glow in the dark The Paths of the Dead die. Last, but not least, the end of 2004 will bring The Two Towers (TT) expansion. With approximately 80 new figures we will see the first double hex, mounted (cavalry) figures. These guys will add an exciting new aspect to this already, fun, easy-to-learn strategy game.

For more information on the game including product description, game play, rules, FAQ head on over to the newly updated Sabertooth Games website at sabertooth.games-workshop.com