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Online Mag Helps RPGers Unite
Xoanon @ 6:21 pm EST

Joshua writes: I am currently writting articles for a great web-based publication entitled Hall of Fire. This publicaton is desinged by, written for, and upkept by fans of Decipher's Lord of the Rings Role Playing Game. Hall of Fire includes articles with detailed information on gaming scenarios, character statistics, and rule alterations that are a must-read for any fans of the game. However, each issue also includes in-depth articles describing many of Tolkien's characters (eg, the past few issues have included articles on the history of individual Nazgul), places (this month's issue has an in-depth article on Dol Amroth), and creatures (eg, the past several issues have included articles on the morphology and ecology of the beasts found in Tolkien's works). Therefore, it also potentially has appeal to people who do not play the RPG.

I am writting to inquire if theonering.net would be interested in running a piece about the Hall of Fire webzine? We are currently on our 11th issue (as of Sept. 24) and already have a loyal fan base, but would like to expand our audience. If you are interested in viewing any of these issues, they can be downloaded as PDFs from the following website.