6/24/04 - Latest News
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Sierra Closes Its Doors
Xoanon @ 3:12 pm EST

Scott writes: Sierra On-line, the company that was originally given the right to make Middle-Earth Online, is no more. Barry Smith, the webcomic artist and former Sierra employee over at www.inktank.com, posted his take, and a link to the news article he got the news from.

Sierra Gets Shutdown

The lights go out at old-school game company, Sierra, as Vivendi restructures its business.

More depressing news for the industry, Vivendi Universal Games has cut 350 staff and shut down Seattle-based Sierra. The venerable games company created some of the most popular action and adventure games in the 80's. The Sierra brand will live on in name only and projects tied to the Sierra pipeline, Half-Life 2, Ground Control II and Tribes: Vengeance are already being developed by other teams within Vivendi. Also affected by the restructuring, the Hoyle brand of card and board games have been canceled. [More]