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RingCon in Seattle This Fall
Xoanon @ 8:17 pm EST

On Halloween Weekend (October 29-31st), is RingCon, the Pacific Northwest's largest LOTR/Fantasy Convention at the SeaTac DoubleTree Inn in Seattle. During this convention, I will be holding a sponsored gaming tournament over the first two days, culminating in a finals showdown on Sunday the 31st between the winners of the preliminary rounds. The ultimate champion will be crowned Grand Champion Gamer of RingCon and receive the grand prize of a custom modded computer case. Details on the games are still in the air (not committing until I see the list of games coming out this summer), but it will have a fantasy/LOTR flair to them and be a variety of FPS, RTS, RPG games, so the ultimate champion will be an overall gamer, not someone with a quick trigger finger. All systems for the competition will be provided by Wicked Machines, in the interest of fairness and an even playing field. There is a $15 entry fee (for prizes) for the competition, along with an entry fee to the three days of the convention. We now have confirmed Bruce Hopkins (Gamling) coming and have a couple more awaiting confirmation so if they aren't playing, they can enjoy the convention. [More]