6/28/02 - Latest News
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Decipher at ORIGINS
Xoanon @ 2:05 pm EST

Tracey Halliday, Public Relations Manager
Phone: 757.664.1102 (daytime phone)
E-mail: tracey.halliday@decipher.com

At Booth #218, please contact Stephanie Kirby.


WHAT: The Decipher booth, #218, is where you will find the most exciting events at Origins 2002, the second largest hobby game convention in the United States.

Decipher's Origins 2002 events will include:

- An appearance by John Rhys-Davies, 'Gimli' from The Lord of the Rings movie

- Trivia contests

- The Lord of the Rings TCG Challenge

- 'Challenge the Designers'

- RPG Demos

- Pro-level Tournament Events; and much more!!

**Most importantly, Decipher gaming experts will be on hand during the entire convention for interview opportunities. Ask Decipher game designers Chuck Kallenbach and Joe Alread about the upcoming Two Towers expansion and find out the new direction for this Origins Award Game of the Year-nominated TCG**

**Game designers Evan Lorentz and Brad DeFruiter are available to talk about Decipher's Star Trek CCG.*

**In addition, game designers Christian Moore, Owen Seyler, Ross Isaacs, Ken Hite, and Matt Colville will be available to talk about the upcoming projects from
Decipher=B9s RPG Studio.**


Greater Columbus Convention Center
400 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio
Booth # 218


July 4-7, 2002
Hours: Thursday 1pm-8pm, Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday


- Celebrity Autograph and Photo Opportunities: John Rhys-Davies, 'Gimli' from The Lord of the Rings' movie, will make an appearance at the Decipher booth. The Lord of the Rings Fan Club members will have exclusive opportunities with the celebrity. In addition, an oversized 'Gimli' TCG card will be provided for autographs.

- Last-Man Standing Trivia Contests: Match wits with other Decipher CCG fans as they compete for prizes in this competition of Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings lore.

- The Lord of the Rings TCG Challenge: Come by the booth and demo the Lord of the Rings TCG. If you like it, Decipher will give you a free starter deck!

If you don't, you'll still walk away with one free pack of your TCG of choice.

- Challenge the Designers: So just how good are the designers when it comes to playing the Lord of the
Rings TCG? Stop by the booth and find out by challenging them to a match!

- RPG Demos: Members of the RPG Studio, along with product champions, will run demos of both of its new RPG systems.

- DGMA Tournament Action: Check out tournament play for The Lord of the Rings TCG in the tournament
room. A $5,000 cash purse will be awarded!