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Mines Of Moria TCG Expansion Set
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(NORFOLK, Va., January 17, 2002) – The eagerly-awaited second installment in Decipher's The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game (TCG) is going to press: Gamers and collectors who have made the new TCG a global phenomenon can begin their journey into the Mines of Moria in February!

With the first printing of starter decks for the Premiere Set sold out, Decipher has decided to release Mines of Moria starter decks in February; booster packs will be released in early March, as originally scheduled.

The 122-card Mines of Moria set will include the never-before-seen rare Balrog card, Twilight Ringwraiths, and new "artifact" cards, such as Gandalf's Staff, Mithril-coat, and the Balrog's Sword. There are two starter decks - one featuring Gimli and the forces of Sauron, the other showcasing a new Gandalf and the goblins of Moria.

“With The Lord of the Rings TCG starter decks sold out, timing could not be more perfect for this release,” says Ross Campbell, Decipher senior vice president of manufacturing. “We have actually had to push up the production schedule for the Mines of Moria starters so that we could get them on the shelves in late February and keep up with this overwhelming demand.”

Mines of Moria contains cards for every culture, with an emphasis on Moria, Shire, Ringwraith, and Dwarven cards. There are also new versions of some Free Peoples companions, including Frodo, Sam, Gandalf, and Gimli. The set also contains a complete parallel foil set.

“The Mines of Moria expansion set contains images from some of the most exciting sequences in the film,” says game designer Chuck Kallenbach. “With two Balrog cards and a selection of great new artifacts, gameplay is going to reach a whole new level.”

Mines of Moria is available in two new starter decks, which contain 9 site cards, 3 random Mines of Moria rares, Frodo, The One Ring, and a mix of cards from The Fellowship of the Ring and from Mines of Moria. It is also available in 11-card booster packs. Recommended retail for the starter decks is $10.95 and for the booster packs is $3.29.

For more information about New Line Cinema’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, go to www.lordoftherings.net

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