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Xoanon @ 1:31 pm EST

From: DVDrew

Thought I'd pass along the info that the Games Workshop is releasing their 2001 Holiday Catalog. I'm not sure if it has LOTR stuff in it, but it is free. When I called their mail order number to get one I asked about the release dates for the LOTR stuff. He said they were expecting a Nov 7 release for much of it and that they are currently taking telephone preorders for all of the FOTR merchandise. I asked what was in various sets and prices but didn't write most of it down as the list is on their web site (www.gamesworkshop.com). I added a few Ringwraiths (for $8.99 each) to my previous order and the Battle at Khazad Dum set (contains Gandalf and the Balrog for $44.99). He added that the Balrog is bigger than any of their dragons (which is pretty damn big for a miniature). Don't forget to order paint and primer, too.

You can call Games Worshop at:
1-800-394-4263 in the USA
1-888-GW-TROLL in Canada

Grab a free catalog because all of their miniatures are worth a look as they are spectacular!