Spikes at Orthanc
Xoanon @ 10:20 am EST
From: Firebrand

I was at the Licensing Show in New York (in June) only one thing was interesting : the New Line booth, with the Lord of the Rings ! I had the chance to peak at series 1 and 2 figurines, as well as some new figurines I hadn't seen on the Internet.

There were also two large "full scale" costums, probably used in the movie : one was an orc warrior, the other one, a magnificient Black Rider. I noticed there were some sharp, short spikes on his gloves.

Among the figurines, there was a landscape diorama of Orthanc (quite alike to Alan Lee and Tolkien's drawings), and guess what I spotted below the Tower...a tiny spiky wheel, the one that Saruman was impaled upon. It's now clear that Saruman is being pushed of the tower by Grima in the third movie (the "plot twist" aluded to by Ian McKellen).