Trailer News. film release news: Australia, Taiwan, Switzerland, and Spain
Tehanu @ 5:37 am EST
News from Australia, thanks to Mark:
"I am pleased to tell you that the new LORD OF THE RINGS trailer should be on screen by Thursday May 31 ( that's subject to getting the copies delivered on time ). It will screen with MOULIN ROUGE / THE MUMMY RETURNS / and either JOE DIRT / HEAD OVER HEELS / or FIFTEEN MINUTES.

The film will release nationally on December 26."

Chu (who is building the first Chinese-language LOTR website I've heard of) wrote to say "because our Chinese New Year is the longest vacation possible, so they picked next February to be the film's date."

Nick read in a local paper that the FOTR will be released in Switzerland on December 20th.

From Leandro in Spain: "I suppose this could be of some interest: in Spain, the trailer will be associated to most of the copies of "Town & Country" (with Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Andie McDowell) More details on Elfenomeno