NEW FOTR Trailer Coming Soon?! -UPDATED-
Xoanon @ 3:06 pm EST
Ringer Spy SS sends along a very interesting report about what he/she saw in the NEW 'Fellowship of the Ring' tralier that has apparently only been complete as of yesterday!

SS says that the trailer is due out in theatres (and hopefully online) within a few weeks! Now, if this story holds any beans, which I'm working on getting confirmed as we speak, my guess is Pearl Harbor. I'll let SS tell you the rest!

More info below!

Some highlights of the trailer:

A lot of flashing text that describes the Ring and its powers (obviously intended for those who never read the books... things like "The ring brings evil to whever possesses it.. etc).

Gandalf enters Frodo's home in the night, panicking

Brief glimpse of the council at Elrond's house

Boromir shouting that "We should use the ring's power to help us!"

Shot of the Companions on a boat, in a murky river

Shot of the Black Riders racing to the (gap at Rohan?)

Overall, it was a *very* dark trailer. There were many shots of Gandalf depicted as a hard-edged, panicky and scrawny man. Not the wize, white-bearded wizard I always imagined him to be. And the companions in general look to be very grim and heavy-hearted.

Well well, seems an interesting take on the first tale of 3, perhaps this is the 'adventure' trailer, and we'll be seeing the 'drama' version come out a few months down the line. You can see different versions of trailers for the same film, it's not new. Well, I'm waiting on bated breath like the rest of you for confirmation. In the meantime rip this story apart below!


Ringer Spy SS sent along some additional info on the trailer:

The trailer is already done. All they needed was the music for the first part of the piece. So New Line hired Michael Giacchino to compose the score. The last part of the trailer, they licensed one of the songs from Hans Zimmer's "The Power of One".

The score was recorded at Frank Jones's studio in Calabassas, CA. I believe the conductor was Tim Hirschwin.

Additional spoiler warning, highlight to read:

There was a part I don't remember in the book. There was a part when the companions were gathered in a circle. Perhaps they were in the Mines of Moria and they stared up because they heard a whisper "MY PRECIOUSSSSS"

A couple of the guys who watched laughed and said "Gollum?" but i dont remember that being in the book,I am betting it was in the mines... the whisper was loud with an echo.

More info:

This comes by way of an insider in the Pearl Harbor camp.

I have it on good authority that there will NOT be a LOTR trailer in front of Pearl Harbor. However, this is not 100% set in stone.

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