Confirmation: We are looking at Ringwraiths
Calisuri @ 1:09 pm EST
Beau from Fingolfin.com has sent us confirmation!

The Image has been removed. More info coming soon.


Beau from Fingolfin.com here. I would also like to add something to the analysis of the new Nazgul picture. I can, in fact, confirm that these are Ringwraiths. I agree this is how they will appear at the confrontation at Weathertop.

I know this because I have seen exactly what the Witch-king looks like. Last February, I attended the Sideshow/Weta showroom at the New York Toyfair. They had MANY examples of their entire line. We were shown the bust of the Witch-king. He basically looked like the two Nazgul in the shot, only cooler and meaner. To the best of my memory, he had the pale, wrinkled skin, his eye sockets were sunken in with no visible eyes, his hair was long and white, and his crown had a least four spikes on top, similar to the Nazgul in the picture, only the spikes on his crown were much taller. Trust me, I saw almost all of the Sideshow/Weta designs (except Gollum and the Balrog, of course!) and the one of the Witch-king was by far what surprised and impressed me the most.

Here is the link to the article I posted on February 16 about the Sideshow/Weta exhibit and the Witch-king bust...



Thanks Beau!