Various UK Mags cover LOTR
Xoanon @ 10:14 am EST
Dreamwatch: The article has all the hobbit pics we know and love, but the text is just a Tolkien backstory and speculation.

Empire: LOTR is back up as Empire's No.1 Awaited film--a picture of Gandalf at the Council Of Elrond with the caption--

"After forty years in the queue for the barber, McKellen finally lost his rag."!!!!!!

And a quote from Billy Boyd--

"There's a scene where there are two characters, me being one, tied up by some baddies, "adds Billy Boyd (Pippin). "Someone gets their head cut off and initially you don't see it. But Peter's like, 'Wait, hold on,' and by the time he'd shot it, the head falls off, bounces off me, and falls in front, blood spurting from it, and I was like, 'Yeah! I can see the Braindead thing here!'".

There's also an interview with Liv Tyler (Arwen) concerning "One Night At McCool's" which involves a some talk of LOTR fight scenes and the text--

"There were also more cerebral trials to be overcome, not least learning the English accent with which Jackson has decided elf royalty speaks.

"It was a challenge for me as an American speaking in a British accent anyway, but as an elf you have to be so erect and centered. We had to move effortlessly and gracefully.""

Total Film: Lastly, Total Film magazine has a section for "up-and-coming" stars, and calls Peter Jackson "The New George Lucas"--as if he won't surpass the man...