The UnCondensed Wingate Globe report.
Tehanu @ 11:23 pm EST
Greetings friends it is I the beautiful regal spy Madame Butterfly.

I was exercising my black thoroughbred stallion Diabolo, at nightfall, when I noticed a strange white glow in the sky. The glow was coming from the Wingate Film Set! I shortened my stirrup leathers, dug my heels in and thundered up the firebreak at break neck speed and galloped along the Hutt Hills ridge Track. I skidded to a halt took out my specially constructed viewing device and this is what I saw ... A huge white globe hanging off a crane above the ruined castle. It looked like a huge moon! This was the glow I had seen lighting up the night sky in the distance. I believe the globe was being used for a lighting effect, as it lit up the interior of the castle in a very eerie manner. The front of the castle has been changed somewhat, with a couple of ruined arches having been added. A ruined wall, or a bridge? of some sort, has been added to the front of the set. Stairs lead up to it, and I spotted extras lounging around on the stairs looking quite exhausted. I zoomed my viewing device in closer and saw a couple of flash-looking guys standing on the battlements. One was black haired and dressed in a brown cloak, the other was dressed in green, carried a bow and a quiver of arrows and had his hood pulled over his face. Yes indeed very interesting! Then I heard the voice of PJ! “Action.” The two flash-looking guys on the battlements ran down some stairs. They were joined by guys in black plated armour. The stairs led down into the interior of the castle. I zoomed my device in even closer and looked into one of the archways on the front of the ruins. A large group of Orcs sprinted past yelling in the most fearsome manner! Then a group of flash guys appeared, all wearing green or brown cloaks. Some carried fire torches and a huge battle began. I saw swords, axes, spears and other awful weapons used in the massive brawl! I then noticed that some of the extras were wearing scarlet colored cloaks and were in the black plated armour. Hmmmmmmm interesting! Then I saw a group of actors(?) and extras appear out of the archway; they then collapsed onto the ruined stairs in an exhausted manner! Poor things! Bet they were having fun though! I also spotted what I thought was a Hobbit-sized actor, dressed in a green cloak with a hood. I cannot be sure of this, as I was a long way from the set. I also believe that the interior of the set may have been flooded! How I know this, I will not tell HeHeHeeeeeeeeeee. Spinning Diabolo around, I thundered off into the darkness to send Tehanu the report.

Farewell my friends

Madame Butterfly