More on Cannes and LOTR
Xoanon @ 12:16 pm EST
From: Deagol

I just tracked the origin of your last news concerning the trailer...

Cinébobine reported the news from here:


So, and for what it's worth... the translation of the french text is not complete nor accurate. There's a few tidbits inside:

According to the spy:..

- December 2000: world presentation of the new teaser and press conference live from NZ.

- Cannes 2001 : "a big launch of some sort "... in fact, it says: World launching, presenting the 1st movie and the trailer of the 2nd movie! (It could mean a world premiere in Cannes!), major press event.

- Fall 2001: world premiere of the final trailer.

- December 2001 : worldwide release of the first film.

(and that's a great news... especially in France where we had to wait 5 more months to get SWE1) (the three movies are planned to be released in 25 different languages.)

- US marketing: over $ 50 million