The Toff continues the Wingate report.
Tehanu @ 7:44 pm EST
My phone rings it is Madame Butterfly "go and see what is happening at Wingate Toff and send the afternoon update to Tehanu".

I don my tweed suit and the customary top hat and proceed to Peterkin Street in the Jaguar to observe the Wingate set. I observe the developments through my special observation device. They seem to be constructing steps and adding them to the set. The set looks to be developing into a quarter scale of Minas Tirith? A truck arrives, the compound gates are closed. The driver gets out and opens the gates and drives around by the front fence of the compound. He opens the back door of the truck........... By joves! More steps in the back of the truck! And there by the front of the fence, more steps! How absolutely spiffing, they are cutting out shapes of doors and arches out of the addition that Madame and Robbie saw this morning. I scan the compound for the big burly guards that are known to frequent the Wingate sets. I finger my sword-cane in readiness and my waxed moustache twitches in anticipation. What's that! Oh I say! A crane is lifting a huge tower off the back of a large truck. Yes, there are builders everywhere, one must be able to hear their hammers a mile away!

Well I must dash before I am discovered!

Tally Ho ! The Toff