The beautiful regal spy Madame Butterfly reports on Wingate.
Tehanu @ 7:40 pm EST
Robbit The Hobbit bashed on my door at some unholy hour of the morning. "Hurry up Madame there is more action at Wingate". I wrap myself in my black robes, put Salome's awful lioness onto her chain and robbie stuffs her in the back of the car, while shouting a variety of vile curses. The hobbit is not in a good mood this morning.

We proceed to The Wingate Set in Peterkin Street and stand boldly on the footpath outside the Wingate compound, to view the goings on.

Building building everywhere. I see a balcony !!!!!!! A balcony has been added onto the front of the set. The balcony has beautiful detailed balusters along the front of it. I see steps leading up to a new addition being built. The addition seems to lead from the balcony. There are arches with the same detailing around the tops as the balcony has. The set is now taking shape and appears to be a castle. I notice that parts of the set are covered with the same dark stone like material that covered the helms deep set. The Wingate compound looks as if a bomb has hit it. There are stacks of frames for the set piled everywhere. There are tops of arches being added to the set. These arches are also stacked in the compound. There are builders everywhere working flat out. I tell robbie to keep a watch out for the over enthusiastic security guards that are known to frequent the Wingate sets. I toss my long dark hair and smile to myself as there is nothing to fear from the over enthusiastic guards today, as the bad tempered hobbit has riled up Salome's awful cat and the creature is leaping around on the end of her chain snarling. I roar with laughter at the hilarious sight and continue to boldly observe the goings on.

A huge truck arrives laden with more frames for the set. I gather up my robes and walk along the fence line to take a closer look at the two round holes by the front fence of the compound. What on earth are they? Are they laying foundations for towers perhaps? Hmmmmmm yes indeed. They are working around the clock to meet their deadline !!!!!!!!!!!

Farewell my friends. I will update you soon.

Madame Butterfly