Wingate set gets bigger every time we hear about it.
Tehanu @ 10:20 pm EST
Madame Butterfly sent us this story:
Greetings friends it is I the beautiful and regal spy, Madame Butterfly.

The phone rang, it was a tip off, "Go to Wingate Madame there is interesting building going on." I cursed loudly as it was freezing cold and raining outside. I wrapped myself warmly in my black robes, put Salomes awful feline Lioness into the car (Salome has gone to Holly Wood yet again, trying to break into the movie business. Please! and leaves her horrible cat for her friends to look after) and proceeded to Peterkin street, the home of the latest Lord Of The Rings Set.

I stood in the freezing cold the wind blowing my long dark hair and robes around me.
I looked through my special viewing device and observed the goings on. Building Building every-where. The fence from inside the Wingate compound has been removed, to make room for the huge set they are building there. The set being built is spread out over half the compound. It looks like they are recycling parts of the Helms Deep Set and building it into the new set. Hmmmmmmmm yes very interesting. They are building some kind of huge structure with arches. Fairly close to the front fence of the compound are two large round holes in the ground ? Foundations for something no doubt! Suddenly the feline shifts at my side and snarls, we are being observed by the builders. I mutter to myself "thank god I brought the awful creature as she will come in handy to ward off over enthusiastic Security Guards." I put a reassuring hand on the cats head, and give the builders a regal glare. The builders hastily get back to work. Yes very interesting, the huge blue screen is still up. Hmmmmmmmmmm. The Wingate sets are always used for close ups. So whatever is going on there at the moment, it will be used for close up scenes. The actors are often at the Wingate sets doing these types of scenes. I have observed them there on a number of occasions doing various scenes.

Yes indeed what is going on at Wingate ? A part of Minas Tirith perhaps ? Well whatever it is it is huge.

Farewell my friends until next time.

Madame Butterfly