Viggo news and signs of life on the Hutt River.
Tehanu @ 9:37 pm EST
The Wellington reporter wrote in to say that the Dominion newspaper had a snippet on Viggo Mortensen. Apparently during a fight scene he accidentally hit a starlet and 'sent her spinning' whatever that means. His apology afterwards was as handsome as his character, according to the paper.
Which starlet, I wonder? There's not a lot of starlets in LOTR, and somehow I don't see Cate Blanchett doing fight scenes, plus she's not around right now. I'm not sure any stuntpeople or ex-Shortland St. actors are 'startlets' in this context. Which leaves only...Liv?
Oh dear. XenArwen opponents are not going to happy with this turn of events. Or maybe they'll be delighted.
Wellington Reporter goes on to say that he noticed the tell-tale conglomerate of trucks, tents and cranes setting up in the same spot on the Hutt River (near Wellington)where they were flooded out recently. Looks like we got the rain up north, so this time they could be luckier. Rumour has it they're filming Anduin scenes there.

Thanks again to our very switched-on Wellington Reporter.