Why I took down the images of Gollum
Xoanon @ 22:27 EST
Sigh, and in the end this is what it comes to for me as well, love for the film making process, love for what PJ et all down in NZ are doing down there, and love for this whole production that has given me so much, though we here at TORN probably do not deserve it.

As you may have guessed the Gollum pics were highly secretive, and when I recieved them yesterday it did send pangs through my body. Having been burnt many many times before, by holding a story back only to see another website post it up, I didn't want to pass this opportunity up.

Needless to say the PTB's down in NZ and LA are miffed, and when it gets down to it I do not want to do that. Upsetting people is not the reason I got into this, and getting angry emails and letters from within the production is not something I wanted, I don't expect them to love me, but my excuse was always 'hey, I'm promoting the movie!', well this time I may have let to much go.

Although I know the fans, the ones not involved with the production at all, did love those pics, and the only thing I can say to PJ or the people who read this site for him is this, the fans really loved it, and they love the entire thing you're doing down there. So if anything, I've whet thier appetite even more for your work.

I hope the TORNadoes can understand this editorial descision on my part.

- Xoanon