Arwen and Saruman!!!!!!
Xoanon @ 23:01 EST
Here I was, mourning the loss of of Xoanona (any folks down in Virginia Beach are presently enjoying her company) and sitting watching the enjoyable film 'Strange Fruit' when that mysterious portal opens up next to my computer console.

At first thought, I was fully expecting Agent Mulder to fly out and steal my sunflower seeds. What did end up happening was a computer disc flew through the vortex and into my lap; after checking it out and making sure the latest version of 'The Love Bug' wasn't about to be unleashed on my computer up here in good old Montreal (I've got enough problems, with Mafiaboy living about 15 minutes away from me, and no, I don't know him)...

... look what I found, pictures of Saruman and Arwen in full costume!!!

Dear Xoanon-Man,

Here are some pics from LOTR, more to come...