Weillington News
Xoanon @ 18:49 EST
Super Ringer Spy Tony the Cat sends in the latest from 'Wellywood'

When I arrived in Wellington, one of my sources gave me some interesting info about those New Line vp's that arrived the other day. I got my hands on their schedule.

It seems that they made a visit to the Helms Deep set Thursday night. The next day I saw them arrive at the Camperdown studios (WETA), and if I'm not mistaken they had a little party with Barrie Osborne. It seems that a lot of actors were also present like Brad Dourif (Grima), Ian Holm (Bilbo) and Miranda Otto (Eowyn).

On a more iteresting note, when I was around the studios friday I saw some glimpses of a set. My guess is it was Lorien-set, because I saw them moving in some setprops, one of wich looked (in my opinion) very much like the mirror of Galadriel.

Also there was some activity with fake-trees.

Thanks Tony! That was Grrrreeat! (Sorry, I had to)