The Water Horse Set?
Xoanon @ 11:30 pm EST
One of our new men out in NZ, John sends these photos from Stone Street Studios in Wellington. This is a studio located about 2 minutes away from the coolest place in the world, also known as WETA Workshop & WETA Digital, and in between that is Park Road Post, where some LOTR work, and most of the work on King Kong was done..basically this neighborhood is the trifecta of movie-geek heaven.

When I was down in Wellington last April I caught up with LOTR producer Barrie Osbourne, we was hard at work on his next film 'The Water Horse'. I also had a chance to meet the director Jay Russell. At the time they were just about ready to begin shooting, this looks like they may be in re-shoot phase, the shoot in Scotland may or may not have happened yet, who knows. As you can see in the photos they seem to be planning something quite BIG to be on the blue screen...anyone who has read 'The Water Horse' already knows the answer to what that 'something' may be.

Take a look at the photos and what John has to say!

'The Water Horse' Set?
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There are a few photos of WWII type patrol boats sitting at the entrance to Stone Street. Secondly, we walked around to the other end of the street where you can see the back end of blue screen (cargo container side). There are a few places along this street where it seems Weta has parked some things that are either not in use any more of about to be used. I included a few pictures of what looks like a giant fist and the back of a head. They're sitting in an alley along with a couple catapults...obviously from LOTR. Also, in another space there are very new looking airplane parts which look unfinished and freshly made. There's one photo of those in the bunch.

On the night of the 16th and 17th one of the major streets in town is going to be shut down for "filming".