Trilogy Tuesday in Sweden
maegwen @ 11:25 pm EST
Don't know if you have posted it yet I somehow did miss it or such ...

Finally some information about Trilogy Tuesdays here in Sweden ... some BIG cinemas in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and to a much lesser extent Umeå WILL screen the two extended versions followed by ROTK, but MANY many smaller cinemas will also do a maraton with the shorter TEs.

The SEEs will screen in the mentioned cities for some week(s) and ticket sale for those did start 28/11 even if some are not bookable yet at their website. No general Trilogy Tuesday tickets - you have to buy them individually.

And the ticket for ROTK itself start selling the 8th of december, in most cities 08:00 it seems, the first day for us queuers only, from the 9th also via telephone and their internet site ...

-- Ioreth

the link: http://www.sf.se/sf/senaste_nytt/index.html#sagan2

all trilogy tuesday tickets (FOTR SEE/TE, TTT SEE/TE and ROTK) sell from the 8th of December ...