I Spy the Witch King?
maegwen @ 4:11 pm EST
Goose writes: I was just looking at the new picture of the Witch King on the Officical LOTR website and notice the small picture they have resembles a shot in the newest trailer.

I Spy the Witch King

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Hutson writes: Looking at the new image of the Witch King from the Official site, I wondered if this "look" for a Nazgul had been in the trailer. About 1 minute and 24 seconds in, I noticed that the shot of the Nazgul landing atop Minas Morgul as the light beam erupts from the top seemed to have some extrra spike-iness.

I Spy the Witch King

Looking at it frame-by-frame, it doesn't seem to be the Fell Beast's spikes, but that of the rider; a still frame, blown up and compared to the Witch King image, seems to point towards this in fact being the Morgul Lord himself. Looks pretty cool to me; I'm glad it doesn't just look like a mini-Sauron from FotR. Thanks for the great site, and keep up the great work!