Hidden Images in LOTR?
maegwen @ 10:55 pm EST
Wild Bill writes: Hello, after reading a recent article on your site about a possible hidden image of Peter Jackson from what looked to be a still frame from TTT extended, I decided to email you 2 images that I have noticed to be just like that. The first is from the Fellowship, so if it's already been reported and I missed it, I apologize.

What's that in the Flames, Precious?

The image in the Fellowship is from Chapter 16 after Gandalf communicates with the little flying critter, it flashes to falling trees and orcs and such. The image "in question" is when an orc is tossing a log into the fire, there is what appears to be a face in the wall, somewhat hidden by a flame. I see this every time and it's been driving me nuts.

Is that a Ship or a Shadow?

The second image is from TTT, Chapter 30, entitled "Arwen's Fate." Arwen is standing by Aragorn's grave in tears - what I spotted was a ship sailing in the clouds behind her, hinting the ship the elves set sail on.

Hopefully these images don't make me look insane, or someone who just saw the obvious and assumed he's the only one. Either way, here's the images. Maybe you have a better way to get the images, mine were taken with a webcam looking at my TV.