Peter Jackson's Secret Cameo?
maegwen @ 9:53 am EST
He's been a carrot-chomping resident of Bree in 'Fellowship of the Ring,' a rock-hurler at Helm's Deep in 'The Two Towers' .... But now, Ringer Spy Jenisa points out what may possibly be Peter Jackson's most cleverest disguise of all!!

Peter Jackson's Secret Cameo?

Hi! I was on your site a couple of days ago, going through your gallery and I came across this pic. The person said it was a still from the Two Towers. I dont doubt that is it, it's just that I found it was curious about what I saw in it. Right smack in the middle I noticed Peter Jackson in it..lol Sound crazy I know, but I wouldnt be so persistant if it wasn't the first thing that I saw when I viewed it. Just have a look-see and I sent the pic with a circle to indicate where I saw him, lol... So yeah, looks like he is pointing at us!

Have a good day,

Bochum, Germany

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maegwen here, tongue firmly in cheek, and I have to say that I've never been one of those people who were any good at "Magic Eye" puzzles or "Where's Waldo?" ... but I actually see Peter in the rocks too, lol. By the way, check out the original TTT:EE image here.