Indian Fans Wait and Wait....
Tehanu @ 4:07 am EST
If German fans think they have it bad over there, with no word that the Extended Edtions will show in any theatres there, give a thought to the fans in India. Rulinian writes, as other Indian fans have in the past, with some irritation, because there are no EE DVDs available of either film. And they really want them!

"The FotR DVD was released here - in the April of THIS year. Just as TTT released in cinemas nationwide."

Yes, TTT theatrically released here only in April 2003. And with the cuts, as you probably already know." [FOTR opened in India with the infamous cuts that were apparently not approved by PJ or New Line, and which made a nonsense of the story line We got word later that New Line acted to correct this where possible. - T.]

"And most possibly, the TTT DVD will NOT RELEASE here until next year. What is this?

"Extended versions? Pfft. Not in another hundred years."