LOTR Props Exhibition.
Tehanu @ 5:00 am EST
Merry in Oz writes, "Greetings! Not that it is really necessary, but I totallly urge all Ringers to get to the Exhibition when it comes to your town over the next few years. We saw it in Wellington and WOW--it is fantastic!! I am sure it will be even better as the ROTK finishes up and more props can be added to the displays. My favourite item was Boromir in his Elven boat. I just stood next to him, waitng for him to wake up--it was that real. The Black Rider was terrifying, the Room of Fire (featuring The One Ring) unsettling, the video clip of Gollum's debate mesmerising--it went on and on and on. Even the weave of Frodo's bracers (small and normal scale) was covered--incredible!! I can't wait until it comes to Sydney--but I suppose I have to for a couple of years!!! Oh, and take your money to the gift shop!! Cheers!"