'Lurtz' Booksigning.
Tehanu @ 5:26 pm EST
NZboy had a bit of luck living in Wellington:
"I was just walking through town and saw a sign outside Dymocks bookstore, saying that Lawrence Makoare (Lurtz) will be in store at 2pm today. Time was 1:30pm and had left my camera at home, rushed around looking for a disposable camera, bought one and went back.

"Looked around for some books to buy, to get them signed. Got a couple, and then the big man entered the store. He was with Gino Acevedo from Weta. While waiting in line to get my books signed, he was talking away with people, saying how certain scenes happened, some of the funny moments but wouldn't give any clues about ROTK. When my turn came, he happily signed my books and posed for a couple of photos." Photos to follow.