The Brothers "G" tear up the Emerald City
Gamgee @ 9:14 pm EST
Ok, ok, we didn't tear it up, but we ate at Wendy's and went to the movies. It was neat.

Before I even start rambling on like Gollum on some bad dope, let me say a few words in clarity. This fine, fine event was not only a marvellous affair which I am certain took a lot of work from a lot of different folks, but it was also a very important charity benefit put on by the Cascades Conservation Partnership - a very worthwhile orginazation which devotes time and funds directly to protecting the old growth wildlands of our beautiful Cascades here in the great northwest. To learn more about how you can help out this wonderful and meaningful charity foundation, visit them [here].

Now, on to movie business. Being it is only one day away, I do not want to ruin your lives by giving out a pile of spoilers. However, I will say that this evening was the nearest I have ever come to having my head explode with delight. Jackson's Gollum/Smeagol is more real than many many a live actor I have seen on the silver screen, he makes the whole movie for me, and, as you will read, made the movie for my baby brother Gandalf too. I also found Sean Astin to once again prove his tremendous presence on screen, as he did in FotR, his lines were delivered with such heartfelt sincerity that I was emotionally moved.

I cannot go on much longer without spoiling the movie for all and sundry who read this, so I will finalise this review with a giant "WOW!!", and 61 stars and 45 thumbs up and a partridge in a pear tree. And now folks, I shall hand the mic over to my youthful sibling, who is bubbling with glee.

Where to begin? There and Back Again? Concerning Hobbits? Ok, I'm a dork. The night started off with me and my brother Gamgee making our long trek to Seattle to attend a benefit screening of The Two Towers. The trip there almost felt like a quest in itself, almost I felt like I was Frodo, though im not aware that Frodo used nearly as many profanities while weaving in and out of Seattle rush-hour traffic. That's another story in itself.

As I mentioned before, the screening was to help raise money for the preservation of Cascade wildlife and forest land that is currently threatened. The event helped raise upwards of $150,000. So, good work to all involved!

There were quite a few special guests in attendance, including various senators, congressmen, and represenatives of the Governor. However I was surprised to find that John Rhys-Davies was also in attendance! Before the film started, several of the guests introduced themselves to the crowd of movie goers speaking a bit on the Charity and what it is trying to accomplish. Then we were treated to a pre-recorded message on the screen from Sean Astin who spoke out on deforestation and mentioned how Treebeard was his favorite character from the books! After a few nice words from John Rhys-Davies the film began.

I'm not going to use this time to ruin the movie for all those still waiting to see it. However, I will say that I adored the movie. I had a few small concerns about the movie, but overall they didn't bother me. It's definitely epic in scope, and there is so much going on that you will be taken aback. The movie definitely requires a second viewing to help process all the information that you will be bombarded with. Also! Had the movie completely bombed, and been no good, Gollum easily could have saved the whole thing for me. He was brilliant! And let me hastily add, the movie did not bomb!

Gollum aside, the movie rocked! As a huge movie fan in general this was a grand movie. It has a little something for everyone, and it's nice to see the characters from Fellowship grow and get a little more screen time.

I definitely wasn't alone in my enjoyment of the film. Throughout the movie, the crowd applauded and cheered during several of the movies more key moments. Gimli's first appearance in the movie also drew huge applause from the crowd.

Movie aside, one other thing that blew me away was Mr. Davies in the lobby signing autographs. Each person in attendance received a very nice gift bag, including the FotR DVD, a copy of the trade paperback edition of The Two Towers. Many people, including myself, used these for the autograph purposes. But what impressed me most was that, Mr. Davies sat down and began signing autographs, and never seemed to grow weary of the task. Signing multiple items for some people, all the while talking and laughing with fans. A very generous man and a true celebrity.

So, to wrap this up, go see The Two Towers! And please keep in mind this is not J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, but instead Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings. So long as you keep that in mind, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

Finally, we would like to send a warm thank-you-very-much-sirs, to the Cascades Conservation Partnership, and all of their sponsors for an evening we shall never forget.

Gamgee & Gandalf