World news: England, NZ, Costa Rica, Australia, Italy
Tehanu @ 8:56 pm EST
London: Rob writes: Thought your readers might be interested to know that there is to be an exhibition of Tolkien illustrator Ted Nasmith's works at the Chalk Farm Gallery in London, England. The preview will be this Saturday, December 7th from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM, and the exhibition will run until January 12th. The show — entitled “The Return of the King” — will feature paintings from the forthcoming 2004 Tolkien Calendar.

From NZ, Silvermoon writes: This sunday at 9pm EST the Travel Channel is having a show hosted by Karl Urban about New Zealand. They are also going to have a tour of the country by the Prime Minister. But it mentions LOTR being filmed there. Unsure if there will be any more about it, but Karl Urban is hosting! Date: Sunday, 15 December Time:9:00pm EST Where: The Travel Channel

From Costa Rica, Larvarela writes: Just to update about the auction going on in Costa Rica of 200 tickets to watch The Two Towers on December 17th....

Right now there are 310 persons participating and the total amount of money is around $5815

A lot of money to the childern of the Make-a-Wish Foundation...... look which is the real power of the ONE RING!!!!

Australian Ticket Buyers Screwed?

Nash writes: Ticket sales for Two Towers went on sale today, for non-corporate purchasers that is.

However Australian (NSW) Fans who would like to see it in style using Gold Class tickets or similar, are probably out of luck. It seems all Gold Class tickets for opening day (Dec 26th), and quite a few the day after were sold through corporate bookings already. The best I could get, after queuing from 9:00 am was Saturday (28th). I was 20th in the queue. Greater Union head office just confirmed to me there were no tickets available for gold class on opening day, they were sold before the tickets went on sale.

What makes it even worse was that anyone asking about tickets being available on the phone on the 11th were told that there were 'plenty of seats available' for the day. I'm sure the number of people queueing would be significantly less if we'd told the real story.

So not only do we see it last in the english speaking world, we can't get tickets for it.

Fans in Italy are also upset: Italian distributor Medusa, after choosing to release Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Rings a month later (January,18 instead of December, 19) than United States and western Europe, announced that the next two episodes, The Two Towers and The Return of the King, will receive the same treatment. Medusa claims taking this decision because there are too many important titles presented during Christmas period in Italy, even if Peter Jackson's movie was greeted with enthusiasm both by critics and public worldwide since 19, December and there is no doubt the same will occur in Italy.

LOTR fans, you're not directly interested in the Italian release date, but please, consider what your reaction would be if you'd be forced to wait a month before seeing the next episodes of this masterpiece. With this petition we ask Medusa to listen to fans' opinion and to release The Two Towers and The Return of The King at the same time with United States and European Community.

With confidence, Caltanet Cinema