LOTR News from South America.
Tehanu @ 10:33 pm EST
Elenah writes that Valinor.com in Brazil noted TORN's coverage of the possibility that Latin America might not receive the Extended Edition DVD. Valinor sent their petition asking for a the DVD to Warner, and Warner is now (according to Valinor) saying they're interested in releasing the extended edition in Brazil, but it depends on New Line.

Gabriel had much more to say about the situation - including some good news for fans in Brazil:

"I am from Brazil, a die hard fan of LOTR and also of TORN .... About the DVD: Warner IS going to release Region 4 Extended Version of FOTR. It's not coming out the same day as it is in the rest of the world, but they WILL release it. The whole thing about saying that they're not is because they know that, if they announced the release of both versions, the theatrical version wouldn't sell as many. But it IS going to come out.

"In regards to the movie opening date, I can only speak for Brazil: Warner, Brazil's distributor for LOTR, had a national movie to open in December [last year] that featured a great local pop star, and her movies always get nice box office figures. What happened was that this movie was going to open here a weekend before LOTR opened in the rest of the world. Warner could put FOTR to open on the 25th, but that would turn out to be very bad for them. So they postponed it to open January 1st, and you know what? It broke a lot of records. Being that it was such a great move by them, they decided that TTT and ROTK will also open Jan 1st. It sucks? Yeah. But at least there are countries with worse release dates.

"In the rumour section, apparently Warner is planning to show, in selected theaters throughout Brazil, a "premiere" in the last weekend of the year. Nothing sure yet, but just maybe..."

From Chile, Andres writes,
"TTT will be released in Chile on January the 2nd of 2003. That date is the first Thursday after New Year's Day, so that release date will be the same date that the TFOTR was released this year (this year TFOTR was realeased on Thursday, January the 3rd)"