Gambling er...Gamling The Old Talks TTT
Xoanon @ 11:34 pm EST
Lessa writes: A friend from NZ saw Bruce Hopkins (Gamling) at a debate this past week and had this to say:

He finally had to leave since he flies to Wellington tomorrow to film more LOTR! He is so excited about LOTR since his part has grown from a paragraph in the book to a decent-sized speaking part. They liked his work so far and especially his fight moves. He said it came naturally from his Xena and Hercules days! But now he needs to learn to ride a horse.

He said he and Karl Urban have the biggest actual Kiwi parts, but as a character actor, he knows he won't get much press, even if he does get his own action figure. He is Gamling. But some LOTR people never got his name right and thought it was Gambling so he made up 40 t-shirts with Gambling on them with the "B" x'ed out. Even Elijah Wood got his hands on one and now they're prized collector's items by the crew.